Texas State Young Americans for Liberty, #GagMeReagan


 At The Texas State Young Americans for Liberty Conference (3), the Opening Speaker, Chris Doss, proselytized his audience with this call to action,

Go forth and, “shove the Ronald Reagan of 1964 down their throats.” – Chris Doss

Then, around the corner I witnessed the “War on YOUth”, which honestly, was disturbing, but little did they know The Truth They Spoke.

Here Is The Reagan I Voiced Concern With To Chris Doss, The Ronald Regan of Just 5 Years Later,

“Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol and other officers to quell the protests, in an incident that became known as “Bloody Thursday”, resulting in the death of student James Rector and the blinding of carpenter Alan Blanchard.[85][86] Reagan then called out 2,200 state National Guard troops to occupy the city of Berkeley for two weeks to crack down on the protesters.[85] A year after “Bloody Thursday”, Reagan responded to questions about campus protest movements saying, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”[87] When the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patty Hearst in Berkeley and demanded the distribution of food to the poor, Reagan joked to a group of political aides about a botulism outbreak contaminating the food.[88] Conversely, in that one afternoon, “Bloody Thursday”, 111 police officers were injured, including one C.H.P. officer who was knifed in the chest. After calling in the National Guard, the Guard remained in Berkeley for 17 days, camping in People’s Park, and demonstrations subsided as the University removed cordoned-off fencing and placed all development plans for People’s Park on hold.” -WikiWikiYeah


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It’s A Toll Road, Stupid


I love BitCoins, they are completely untraceable cuz you know, duh InCRIPTShun….

What do you mean how do they get there? The internet, duh, this guy.. <

What do you mean an underwater highway of telecommunications connecting the continents? 



Who owns them?


“All modern cables use fiber optic technology. Most such cables follow the great circle route from London, UK to New York City, USA because of the high-speed requirements of international financial transactions. Financial trading firms spend billions of dollars annually on high speed fiber optic communications to get an edge on trading”




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Not to mention one computer virus, and as Jay-Z says, “poof, vamoose son of a bitch.”

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