I pledge allegiance…

Flag, Republic, Under God, we all know the semantics we dutifully spout each day we attended preparatory school; preparing for the work place and patriotic tax paying, whether immediately or postponed four to eight years down the road after pursuing the ever evasive and expansive knowledge attainable only after the sale of one’s soul and credit worthiness, or so we’re told. But, these days the word “democracy” rolls off the tongue without a second thought to describe our current form of government and foreign policy, “our gift to the world.” Another way to describe the paradigm between a democracy and republic is collective and individual, respectively. Yet, if one makes the mistake of picking up a printed form of journalism or turning on the tube, you no doubt encounter the labels of “Republican” and “Democrat” ascribed to the two parties of the day, words, which have been detached from their etymological origins. After reading and revisiting George Orwell’s 1984 and his concept of newspeak, the shaping of thought through the defining of words used in a language, I began to evaluate the present use of the words with their original meanings, and still find myself grasping for reality.



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